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Is Purple Mattress as Perfect as Purple Says?

Purple Mattress Reviews

Anyone looking for a high-tech mattress in today’s market will inevitably come across Purple Mattress – an American brand that believes it has found the formula for the perfect mattress.

The company’s mattress depends heavily on what it calls “the Purple Grid” – a technology in which the firm arranges the supporting material into a regular lattice structure. It looks a bit like a giant tack box, with hundreds of little sections for storing all your knick-knacks.

The Purple Mattress Grid

The Purple Grid is not memory foam – one of the most popular bedding materials used by other brands. Instead, it is a silicone-like polymer that simulates the properties of the space age, while avoiding many of the negatives.

Purple Mattress Review
Purple Mattress Review

Take comfort, for example. Regular memory foam is excellent at ambient temperatures, but once you rest on it for a while, it begins to heat up. Eventually, the material starts to collapse under pressure from the body, leaving the sleeper feeling hot and bothered. It is a massive problem in the world of foam mattresses.

Purple, however, has found a way around this problem. The Purple Grid lattice structure flexes dynamically to provide support to the hips, shoulders, and back – all problem areas for a lot of sleepers. It cradles you, but it also offers sufficient internal support to avoid collapsing under the weight of your body above. The large voids between the grid materials don’t compress over time. Instead, they retain their shape, providing both support AND airflow. And that’s what makes this such a compelling product. 

Purple Mattress Rating
Purple Mattress Rating

Hot Sleepers Choose Purple

Hot sleepers will appreciate Purple’s research and development efforts. Thousands of air channels in the Purple Grid allow circulation, even when the mattress is under pressure. Sleepers continually receive a flow of fresh air during the night that helps to keep their temperatures low and comfortable. Memory foam mattresses, by contrast, don’t always offer the same heat dissipation. Closed-cell polyurethane foam conforms to the shape of your body, but at the expense of keeping you cool. Thus, it is not uncommon to wake up hot in the night and throw off the covers. 

Purple Longevity

Finally, there’s the longevity factor. Memory foam mattresses tend to perform well during the first year of use. But over time, they begin to break down and disintegrate. After twelve months of consistent use, the foam doesn’t feel as plush as it once did. And after several years, support is almost gone, forcing customers to find a replacement.

The Purple’s mattress is different. Thanks to the elastic polymer construction, it resists degradation. Purple guarantees it for ten years, meaning that it lasts as long as a regular mattress, even while providing many of the tactile benefits of memory foam.

So what are the downsides of Purple?

Well, if you’re specifically looking for a memory foam mattress that provides average contouring and support, then you’ll be disappointed. Purple Grid is NOT the same with its space-age material. Also, if you’re looking to grab a budget mattress, then you’ll need to look elsewhere. A lot of development went into creating the Purple Grid, and so these mattresses are not cheap. Finally, this mattress is very much developed with light sleepers in mind. If you’re on the heavier side, you may be better off with coil springs.

In summary, there’s no doubt that this is a high-quality mattress. But, as always, how it feels to you is what matters. Reading a Purple mattress review can help you get a sense of the quality of the product, but unless you try it, you’ll never know. 

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