2 Beds in 1

The Layla Mattress has two sides: one is plush, the other is firm. Simply flip it to the side that suits you best.

Puffy vs Layla

Copper Infused

Your body sweats and actually sheds throughout the night (eww). Copper keeps you cooler and cleaner by literally killing bacteria.

Pain Relief

Wake up feeling like a rock star, not like you slept on a rock. Copper-infused support foam cradles your body evenly throughout the night.

Better Sleep

The Layla Mattress is guaranteed to give you better sleep, which can be life-changing. Rest your body and mind, and see the difference in your day.

How is the Layla Mattress Designed For Your Day?

The Layla Mattress is working behind the scenes to help you be your best, most energized daytime self. When it comes to body comfort and support, copper is a total boss. It’s heat–conductive, antimicrobial, and structurally supportive. Basically,

Layla Topper

Get an extra layer of plush hugginess added to the top of your bed without giving up any of the cooling and supportive love that you get from Layla. The topper is a cozy, 2” thick copper-gel infused memory foam encased in the same material as our mattress cover, to keep you cool and cradled all night long.

Layla Pillow

The Layla Pillow is plush and airy with plenty of loft. You can sleep on our pillow a bazillion times and it will stay fluffy. Crafted from memory foam and Kapok tree fiber fill, the Layla pillow supports delicate necks all night long. Resting your head on Kapok is like resting it on a plush, airy cloud.

Layla Sheets Review

The secret ingredient of Layla’s sheets is “bamboo.”  Even though it’s one of the strongest plants on Earth, bamboo makes incredibly soft, light and lush sheets that feel the equivalent to twice the thread count of cotton. The fibers from Bamboo are naturally cool — 3 degrees cooler than cotton – which makes a big difference when you sleep.

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