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Memory Foam Mattress: You Must Get One

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Did you know that your mattress probably plays the most important part in providing you with a comfortable and a satisfying good night’s sleep? How often do you really wake up in the morning and smile to yourself as you think about the amazing sleep you had the previous night?

It doesn’t happen very often for a lot of people because many a times, a mattress is not given due consideration and thought before people buy it.

What they probably don’t realize is that the bedroom is like your sanctuary and a hideaway, so everything you put inside your bedroom has to be comfortable, top-quality, and just the absolute best. The process of selecting the right bed and the ideal mattress plays an integral part in deciding your comfort level.

But how do you decide which mattress is best and the right fit for you?

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Foam Mattress- Revolution in Comfort

While you may come across a variety of mattresses with unique materials, designs and sizes every time you pay a trip to your nearest furniture store, there is one type that has been gaining popularity in recent times. 

And that is the ‘Memory Foam Mattress’.

This mattress has sprung up as the mattress while offering an ideal blend of comfort, affordability, and uniqueness, thanks to technology and innovation.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is an excellent material made from a substance called ‘viscoelastic’, and it was first designed back in the 1960s for NASA airplane seats. Viscoelastic was originally designed as a way to provide astronauts with a cushion against the terrific effects of gravitational pull that they felt while moving back and forth between the Earth’s atmosphere. It was also meant for their ultimate comfort and safety during the launching process.

Since then, viscoelastic began to gain massive popularity and had a multitude of potential applications in both medical and consumer fields. Eventually, it was sold to a public company that started introducing memory foam mattresses in the 1990s.

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for quality sleep every time you drop down on your bed to meet your sleep needs, memory foam mattress is the ultimate solution. It contains a high-density foam composition that is extremely energy absorbent and super soft, making it the most ideal and comfortable surface for sleeping.

However, that is not only why you must get your hands on this incredible mattress.

This mattress offers quite a plethora of benefits and differences as compared to your average, standard mattress. Interestingly, it can adjust itself according to a person’s bodyline, providing them with innumerable health benefits.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you must get the memory foam mattress right away.

It Uses Your Heat

One of the greatest and most unbelievable benefits of the memory foam mattress is that it has the ability to use your body pressure and body heat to align itself according to your shape. This primarily happens due to the viscoelastic present in memory foam. The heat from your body further softens the foam, making it even more amenable.

The more viscous it gets, the more moldable it becomes which is exactly what allows one to sink in the mattress, creating a mold of their body shape. This greatly helps in providing not just quality sleep but good spine alignment because sleeping on a natural curve is really beneficial for the health of your spine.

It Helps Relieve Pain

If you suffer from joint pains or arthritis, this memory foam mattress is what you need. It significantly helps in relieving pain emanating all pressure points and acts like a cushion against weight and compression.

Standard mattresses have a tendency to wear-out as they get older, which leads to the underlying springs create heavy impressions. This results in the springs acting as pressure points, causing you major discomfort.

The memory foam mattress, on the other hand, doesn’t use springs at all and it is the foam itself that provide great protection and comfort. This makes it excellent for people with back pain and aching joints.

It Provides Relief from Allergies

The memory foam mattress is made from a substance called polyurethane foam that consists of inorganic fibers. These fibers significantly protect one against allergies by preventing those dust mites from settling in the mattress that are known to cause severe allergies.

Furthermore, this foam has a dense cellular structure that doesn’t allow microbes from collecting in the foam, thereby preventing the buildup of mold, dust, pet dander and other such allergens.

It Is Highly Durable

A mattress is one of those basic things that are used on a daily basis, so it has the tendency to wear out quickly. However, the memory foam mattress offers excellent durability and can average between 7-10 years of quality and useful life.

The main reason behind this hard-weariness is the presence of viscoelastic and polyurethane foams in the mattress that offer greater resilience and longevity as compared to traditional bed mattresses.

It Absorbs Surface Movement

This mattress is an excellent choice for couples in particular, considering how the memory foam provides motion transfer resistance. What this means is that the foam is able to absorb all surface movement when your partner moves around too much in bed, leading to reduced disturbance and discomfort.

Furthermore, the density of the mattress absorbs any movement rather than transferring it which allows you to sink in the mattress. This makes it a great option for all those light sleepers who are easily awakened by even the tiniest movement or motion.

It Prevents Pressure Points

Memory foam mattress is one of the most commonly used mattresses especially in hospitals and wheelchairs. Wonder why?

This is because when a person stays in a sleeping position or is laying down for too long, they experience great pressure from downward pulling gravity and the resistance in certain bedding materials that can truly damage soft tissues in the body and affect the circulation system.

The material that this mattress uses relieves this pressure and soreness and thereby reducing pain in sensitive areas. It basically does this by distributing your body weight evenly, which helps reduce pressure on the heaviest parts of your body. This results in excellent pressure-relief which further paves the way for healthier circulation throughout the body.

Memory foam mattress is undoubtedly a smart alternative to the standard and traditional bed mattresses. From natural pain support and spine alignment to allergy prevention and optimal comfort, this mattress checks all the boxes necessary for a good night’s sleep and excellent health!

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  1. JOSEPH J FIJAK says:

    Info I have reviewed claims Memory Foam mattresses are good to eliminate lower back pain and other physical problems. Have been using a Wayfair 8″ Firm Memory Foam for past 100 nights and I awake each day with aggravating and undesired lower back pain. What am I to believe/accept and what’s my next move?

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